Class Beginner
Type Baseline
Age 10
From USA
Tennis Tiers Tennis Lv. 4 (Normal)
Tennis Lv. 3 (Costume)
Tennis Guru (Black)
Voiced by Unknown
JJ (Japanese: JJ) is a Beginner character in the spin-off Hot Shots Tennis.  He is the last Beginner character and the first baseline player of four that you unlock.  JJ is also the fastest character in the game.


Note: the profile entries are taken from the European game, not the American one.


A 10-year-old American city kid with years of gritty, in-your-face street tennis experience.  He's short, so he has some problems with service and net defence.


Funky Fashion

Even JJ looks phat with a fro and some shades.  He keeps it real with street tennis by day and dancing by night.  Hey JJ, how 'bout you STUDY, too?


  • Serve: F
  • Stroke: E
  • Volley: F
  • Impact: B
  • Footwork: A
  • Hand: Right


  • JJ is the shortest character in the game.  He is also the youngest, and the fastest, being the only character with a footwork of A.