Class Expert
Type Baseline
Age 33
From Japan
Tennis Tiers Tennis Tier V (Normal)
Tennis Master (Costume)
Tennis Angel (EU) Tennis Hero (USA) (Black)
Voiced by Unknown
Kent (リュウ: Ryu in Japan and Ryu in Europe) is an Expert player in the spinoff game Hot Shots Tennis.  He is the last baseline player that you unlock.


Note: the profile entries are taken from the European game, not the American one.


A 33-year-old coach at Noth Academy with a lightning-fast lob and tremendous stroke.  He has problems with proximity shots because of the injury that forced his retirement.


Japanese Casual

A staunch practitioner of Japanese harmony, Ryu always dresses like this at home.  He finds it easiest to relax like this as he ponders the growth of his North Academy pupils.


  • Serve: C
  • Stroke: A
  • Volley: D
  • Impact: E
  • Footwork: D
  • Hand: Right


  • Kent's Japanese and European name, Ryu, means "dragon" in Japanese (this may also be why in his black coxtume, there is a golden dragon on the outfit).